Talking with BA is a site dedicated to the improvement and upliftment of the black community and culture.  This site features articles written by Brandon Allen (A graduate of Virginia State University) as he tries to uncover clear communication lines for the rest of the world and the current conditions within the black community.  His efforts are to create high self-esteem and highly cultured individuals to be self-sufficent thinkers and believers of themselves despite the challenges and oppressive nature of society.  His goals will center around a better life for African-Americans and a better view for a societal perspective.  Hope you enjoy these articles and hope it opens your eyes to some critical thinking of the world in which we live.

“I have learned a long time ago, if you want something you had better make some noise”- Malcolm X


Email: talkingwithba@gmail.com

Instagram: @b.allen_

Twitter: @brandonallen__


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