Dear Stephen A Smith, Mark Cuban, Uncle Toms and Those Who Believe in Assimilation


Dear Mr Stephen A Smith, Mark Cuban, Uncle Toms and Those Who Believe in Assimilation,

First, I would like to apologize on behalf of the country for labeling you all as Uncle Toms, Racist, House Negros and such; especially you Stephen A Smith.  You see the reason I am apologizing is not because they labeled you unfairly, it’s because they labeled you these things amongst others without properly explaining to you why you have been labeled as such.  Now, while the labeling may be unwarranted it is however not inaccurate.  You are not called Uncle Toms or Racist because of the half-truths you speak, but because of how contradictory your truths are and your actions you take to continue the prejudicial mindset.

I would like to begin with Mark Cuban and his comments and the notion of assimilation.  First and foremost your comments were rather offensive to the diversity of America and a direct attack on all America inhabitant’s character, because of your direct assumption that if someone is not dressed a certain way or have a certain look that you are not accustomed, will directly allude to them being a person of evil intentions.  Last time I checked evil does not come in a standard form, and from experiences and research some of the evilest people wear a business suit.  You could not spot a Timothy McVeigh from the crowd but your scared of a bald guy with tattoos because thats what you think most dangerous men look like?  Now I am incline to agree with you however that we as people have certain prejudices that creep up in our head mentally, such as if I’m riding in the car and a white cop pulls behind me, or I see a white republican and I think he hates black people.  But you see where you and I differ is that I let it stay mental and will not deviate to “walking across the street”, because once you take it from being mental to physical judgement you now show your true colors of prejudice.  What your comments really showed was that it would be hard for you to do business with someone who looks different from you if you can’t even walk down the same street as them.  You see I rather someone prove they are what I thought first before I allude to physical measures.  You have to remember that as a person you only know you, not a stranger, so your assumptions are yours alone and does not make them accurate.  Assimilation will not solve a race problem, or have we forgotten Martin Luther Kings Famous line:  judge one not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  Instead of being angry with the integrity of America’s citizens how about you break the psychological-to-physical judgement.  Instead of “walking across the street” how about you say Hi or have a conversation and maybe you’d be surprise about how inaccurate assumptions can be.

Now to you Mr. Stephen A.  Let me clarify, I have a great deal of respect for your opinions and the show with your co-host Skip Bayless, I think you guys duo makes it one of the best since Jordan and Pippen.  But let me give you the reality of the situation, people called you an Uncle Tom because it simply showed your eagerness to side with Mr. Cuban’s prejudicial comments.  I understood your point about how black people only heard Mr. Cuban’s black related (Trayvon related, even though he denies it but I feel as that was a lie because its one of the most famous scenarios for blacks today because of Trayvon Martin) comments, but you have to understand theirs.  Blacks as a race tend to focus primarily on themselves first, as they should, not knowing if anybody else will stand for them.  In problems with black America, we are a family and when someone of your status has the privilege to reach out to America and refute the notion that Mr. Cuban believes that ultimately every kid in America with a hoodie on is dangerous and you choose not to, then you rightfully earned the title they call you.  When you back his comments with the same notion and mindset that got Trayvon Martin killed and his killer walking scott-free you deserve that title.  What I want you to understand Mr. Smith is that on shows like this, which caters to various racial backgrounds, you are simply a voice for african americans, whether you want that title or not, especially when you boast about being from New York and attending a HBCU.  But, I am not here to tell you, you’re an uncle tom myself, because I do believe you have a better understanding and sympathy with the black community, more so than Mr. Cuban, but I am here to tell you instead of embracing his comments, it probably would’ve done you a little bit more justice if you told him to instead of judging, how about you say hi to the next person that you think is dangerous.

All in all, I just want to say it is within every human being to feel a certain type of way about certain groups of people, it is a human nature especially when the vast avenues of media plague on people prejudices today.  However when you begin to react in a way, physically, to those prejudices, or come out publicly with your thoughts, you really show that you have no regards for the “human difference”, and have failed at the grips of reality with the belief of assimilation.  We as human beings are all different, whether it’s mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually etc.  But what we can not do is allow our mental prejudices to begin to affect our character or our humanities throughout the country and the world.



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2 Responses to Dear Stephen A Smith, Mark Cuban, Uncle Toms and Those Who Believe in Assimilation

  1. I completely agree with you that some of the most evil people wear suits and ties. However, I believe that statistics indicate that muggings and the various other altercations that Cuban, you, or I would so fear when walking alone on a dark Street are perpetrated more often than not my desperate people who are not wearing suits and ties. It really lies within context. If I was the only non black man among a sea of black men all wearing hoodies and sagging trousers, then I would react differently. I would see that as a cultural thing and be on my merry way. However, when it’s just you and one other person on the street, all you have in your arsenal is statistics.

    Statistically, a suited man probably doesn’t seem desperate enough to jump you, whereas anyone from a skinhead to a wannabe thug to a person in skinny jeans with shifty eyes could seem a possible candidate.

    Now let’s try another context. If I was taken captive by mobsters and they took me to their leader who was a man of European descent with a cold unforgiving voice, I would gear him much more than if their mob boss was a black thug. They both might kill you, but i would fear being tortured by a cold man in a suit.


  2. If I’m not mistaken Stephen A. Smith did acknowledge that walking across the street was taking a bit far to his defense, but I do agree with you – things must stay mental. We walk around with fleeting mental prejudices everyday, doesn’t mean that it needs to be spoken or acted on. I respect Stephen A. Smith for voicing his opinion although I do not necessarily agree with all of it.

    The bigger issue for me is that Mr. Smith has now positioned himself as a voice for blacks in the eyes of many white people who watch that show. The show itself throws itself right into the fray when it comes to racial issues whereas I personally would like to see it stick to the sports because Stephen A. Smith doesn’t speak for all black people and unfortunately I know a lot of white people see it that way.


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