Revenge of the Dreamers

“We have three responsibilities: 1.) To dream 2.) To believe that dream is attainable 3.) To work hard everyday towards that dream…”- J. Cole

In today’s era when you ask young black youth what they want to be when they grow up, you will hear from most of them to be some athlete or entertainer that they believe will make them millions. There is nothing wrong with those dreams, especially if you have the talent to be within those fields. But the problem seems to be that there is a belief amongst the youth that these are the only avenues that lead to monetary success or the only way to remove their families out of the ghettos that they currently inhabit. My question would be to the black community, where is our black version of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet etc. and other millionaires and billionaires? It seems we have been brainwashed to only have certain dreams, which has trickled over to the youth to have this vision of this avenue that leads to exploitation of our physique and not appealing to our mental gifts.  A couple of weeks ago while at work, an older white man said to me he had a basketball court put in his backyard and that I should know something about that, which showed me how we really are viewed. Even parents today force these types of agendas on their children, such as fathers pressuring their sons to play sports or mothers pressuring their daughters to do pageants.

Recently Dr. Dre donated 75 million dollars to USC for their music program, which I was very critical of because first HBCU’s are being closed across the U.S. and nobody is willing to donate to black schools to keep them open and also he was all to eager to give to a university who wouldn’t have supported him in his road to success with him being with NWA and topics of his raps, basically they did not support him to grow but now their asking for his support now that he’s successful and he did it. But then he sold his successful headphone company to Apple, in which he caught further backlash from people, but this time I did not criticize him for this. I did not criticize him because who did the black community have? Who in the African-American community is creating innovative technology for the world to use? I say this because if we aren’t there how can we be mad when we are not given the opportunity.

Besides writing blogs I work for the USDA and also am head of the African-American Program for one of its districts. At this training I recently attended, a young lady posed the question “how can we focus on recruiting minorities if there are no minorities to recruit”? In which I had to agree.

We are so caught up in saying we are being left out, and I know history has not been so kind to us, and job inequality has been an ongoing battle, but we aren’t dreaming or focusing in the avenues where its potential to prosper. And despite the challenges we will face, we must remember we cannot give up. We cannot sit around and be subjected to just athletics and entertainers. We are so much more than that, and some use their gifts in the wrong manner, for example: When most people see I drug dealer, I see a business man who is using what market he is exposed to and someone whose drive needs to be refocused into a positive platform.

We are greater than what we have been subjected to believe to be our ceiling point. We must remember no dream is too large and it is not enough to dream we must be encouraged and encourage others, act upon it, study the rules to our dream and occupation, and make sacrifices. If we want to be a fashion designer be that, invest in the classes you take, the fabrics, whatever it is. If you want to build the next great electronic, study what others have done before you, what’s innovative, what’s needed etc. But we must also remember that success is often not immediate and that you have to find that starting point and work up from there. The time will come anyway, 2 years will be here in 2 years so if you say to yourself “man it’s going take me 2 years to be at that next level”, don’t let that stop you because that 2 years will come regardless if you are working or not.

We have the talent, drive and will to have a representative in various fields that we seem to have forgotten that exists or at least forgot that someone had to make the phones, clothes, businesses that we use. We have to start supporting our people when these endeavors come about. Instead of shopping European or Italian, let’s support black businesses, instead of bullying the “nerd” lets help him create the next Facebook or iPhone or what have you (dream BIG). It starts with support and it has to start from somewhere.

Lastly I have to thank J. Cole for this title because that is what inspired this blog post. I look at the community it seems we have forgotten to dream and that the dream is attainable. It seems that we have this notion that our dream should be limited to this realm and if we dream anything larger or “different” then its made to be ridiculed or we are silly. Understand this and its simple: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING……….This is “REVENGE OF THE DREAMERS”.



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