Society are you Listening?

Dear Society,

 Do you understand the black communities anger? Can you really feel the frustration of watching over and over the people sworn to protect the rights and lives of individuals turn around and abuse and destroy those same people? Can you imagine being the victim to police brutality over and over, only to receive the blame from society telling you how you should’ve prevented your death because in no way could/did the police officer acted maliciously? Can you imagine being on the other end of that phone call listening to your loved one scream to the police “its not real” only to hear the gun shots ring off? Can you begin to think about watching someone you identify with being choked by police officers on clear video footage and then to cut on the TV a week later to hear the police unequivocally announce that no such maneuver was used? Now imagine having a skin color that leaves that unfair guilt on you to be subjected to such unnecessary standards. Imagine a country telling you and beating into your head “We’ve come so far as a country” only to turn on a TV weekly and hear/see the prejudice remarks from news networks and people of status, the police brutality, the judicial disparity of race in the prison systems despite how equally the crime statistics are for races. Imagine leaders who care more about TV time than uplifting communities off air. Imagine the threat of gentrification coming to your neighborhood, forcing families out of their homes, only to move in other races and now want to begin to actually clean up the neighborhoods. Imagine a society that wants you to ignore what they do to your people and redirect that focus to you and the crime of your race, to acknowledge how your race kills your race 90% of the time without mentioning how other races boast similar statistics for their race on race crimes. Imagine where the judicial system has no problem putting someone of your race behind bars for a crime they do but fail to put the others including law enforcement in jail for crimes against the people who identify with you. Imagine having a judicial system work so well to provide justice to you but not so well to give you justice. Imagine living in a country where a man can chase down a kid that identifies with you and kills him and saying he was only acting out of justice because the kid looked like he did not belong and his clothing was not becoming of a productive member of society, and imagine that man going home to his family because the so-called “peers” agreed with his actions. Imagine that your life existence is not deemed by who you are but by whether people deem you a threat. Imagine getting on social media and hearing about the death of an unarmed 18-year-old kid, set to attend college only to be gunned down at least 6 times in the middle of the street by a cop because of an alleged argument. Imagine a society that tries to find justification for the cop shooting and also seeking evidence for lack of credibility for the deceased victim, basically putting the victim on trial and not the officers actions. Imagine hearing that the officer involved in the shooting gets to go home to his family and paid while doing it, all because he killed a black teen. Now imagine turning on your TV and no major news media covers it (makes you feel like that death is not important yet). Imagine police showing up to the prayer vigil of the person they just killed, all while wearing riot gear and accompanied police dogs and still no coverage. Now imagine you’ve had enough of the taunts and disrespect and you fight back but now the media comes there, not to hear your cause and your fight but to film your destruction and paint one side of the story to see headlines say “rioting and looting in Ferguson”. Imagine people more disgusted about rioting and taking material things and less about the black life lost and the reason the riots and vigils happened in the first place. Imagine that people viewing your riots as vigilant and disrespectful but failed to see all the historical times you’re tried peace and still felt the pain of a baton and dog bites. Imagine hearing calls of people saying we need to be peaceful in protest but forget that the vigil was meant for peace and the police brought the riot. Imagine not having a leg to stand on because peace only gets you hurt and riots only gets negative media attention. Imagine having people who can relate and identify with you side with the people who are against you by saying we must act like them, dress like them, talk like them in order to stop the abuse, all while sending the message” we know we can not stop them from being racist so lets join them”. Now imagine the anger of us who want to keep their identity and refuse to conform. Imagine having someone tell you that Mike Brown shouldn’t walked in the middle of the street and that was enough reason for the officer to shoot. Imagine that anger of being told that our skin color means we must not do things too extreme such as walking in the street or we will be subject to execution. But you see society, us blacks, we don’t have to imagine this, we don’t have to imagine the frustration, the pain, the anger, the sorrow, sadness, because this is happening to us, has been happening to us and continues to happen to us. And yet society you seem to not even care enough to take heed of these words, because if you benefit from the way society is why would you want to change society? So society do you understand the black communities anger?



A Black Man with a hoodie, skittles, cigarettes, a toy gun in a toy store, a wallet and set to attend college

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