Why Black on Black Crime is not the issue in Michael Brown Tragedy Part 2: When was there ever value?

As I addressed this topic last week, when arguments arose about  black on black crime epidemic (which is both a distracting and misconception argument during this time of injustice fighting), I knew there would still be arguments, but one argument that keeps surfacing is the “they don’t value us because we don’t value ourselves” statement, as if to suggest there was a period of time that America found black life valuable. I must ask those critics of blacks, when was there ever this value of black life?

Surely, you can explain to these black people when America found black life valuable:

1930-lynching burn2

Can you tell Medgar Evers about where this value of black life came from and why did America find this black life so valuable enough that they ceased it exist any further?

medgar evers

I would like you to explain to Emmett Till when they found his life valuable:


But maybe that was a different time? Maybe Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, Oscar Grant, Renisha McBride, John Crawford, Michael Brown and many more like them can be found valuable and when they were killed we didn’t try to put them on trial after death to afford justification in America’s Society?

trayvonmartinbody TRAYVON_MARTIN_NEW_PHOTO_1


There has never been a period of time in America where America found the black life valuable in society.  Even today, to achieve value of black life in America, it first has to be met with black people rallying in order to bring anyone to justice (example George Zimmerman was let go when he first killed Trayvon Martin, The officer in Eric Garner case has yet to be arrested despite it being ruled a homicide, The officer involved in Michael Brown or John Crawford cases have also yet to be arrested). The FIRST people who care in this country about black life in America are blacks. Ask yourself, how many non-blacks started “stop the violence” rallies in under-developed neighborhoods?  In history what laws were NEEDED (not voluntarily given) to create “equal” life for blacks, as if blacks were not this so-called “American Citizens”. This value of black life from other races you speak along with this black on black crime argument raises many questions. Such as, when white people kill other whites (which happens over 85% of the time), are we raising white on white crime epidemic arguments to whites?  Do we preach to whites “why should we value you, when you guys kill each other all the time”?

The real troubling fact about this argument, are the people making the argument, as if they started any rallies, any discussions and as if everyone ignored their pleas. You can Google so easily “stop the violence rally” and your search engine would pop up with rallies all over the country throughout the year, but yet these individuals have a deep belief African Americans are sitting by letting us kill each other. Killing is just as unacceptable, if not more, in the black community as is any other community. The difference however, is that our debt to society is almost inevitable, we have to raise questions and action to even be considered when it’s against us.

The problem begins with the people who think blacks are ignoring black on black crime, but are not doing anything to help with what they feel is the problem. It’s easy to point out a problem, but we don’t need to be shown what we see and fight all year, provide your solution, act on your plan and then see your plan through. Don’t distract those who are fighting ALL INJUSTICE of the black community with your stresses of black on black crime when you have never did anything to stop what you call a “problem”.  I guess if mainstream media doesn’t cover it however, then your belief is that its not happening in the black community, which illustrates how much your actually on your couch watching and not in the neighborhood doing.

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