Complete families provide many great characteristics for individuals including finances. To be clear, finances should not be the only reason one decides to become involved with a life-long family marriage. Being a family provides a sense of leadership, opportunities to educate and a means of financial support.   There are a few directions to understand about the financial structure within a family: 1.) Killing two birds with one stone, or in this case having two checks for one bill, 2.) Two parents are always better than one to teach financial literacy to continue the trend for future generations and 3.) Using the phrase “it’s cheaper to keep her” is true.

Having two checks to pay the bills should be as much financial common sense as possible, however we have taken this the wrong way. In today’s society a good portion of parents are living in single household situations while seeking multiple income sources. This ultimately takes away from being at home more, creating an environment that promotes visibility and stability within a home. You can’t educate where you are not at, which shows why it is detrimental for an in-home co-parent system. I understand with the times today it is rare that we have stay at home mother or father. However I also understand a household can not survive on one check alone and a single parent home takes the one parent and overly utilizes that parent away from home in order to provide. We, as a community, have to move away from single parent homes and look more into life fulfilling marriages. You know the saying “too many baby showers and not enough weddings”. With the current single parent structure you have parents having to buy separate items for their children they share and living in two different places (meaning different rent/mortgages, two separate light bills, groceries etc.) ultimately taken money from within the home and pouring it outside of the home. This does not suggest that a two parent system will not have its challenges or that every two parent system doesn’t have financial issues, but the limitations are not the same under a two parent system.

As the article stated yesterday education is the cornerstone to financial guidance. The financial stability of a household and it successes and failures is something we need to start preaching to our kids to continue the tradition. Being able to give them allowances and seeing the perspective of intelligent spending from a mother and a father is a great starting point for kids growing in to a capitalistic country. As the saying goes “play the game to change the game”, and we have to begin teaching the basics of economics and running a household efficiently. This also helps with the first point made about keeping two parents, because we all don’t know everything and there are some things that may be our strengths and others weaknesses and vice versa. A two-parent system helps bridge the gap for future financial maturity.

“It’s cheaper to keep her” is just that but this works in more ways than one. The economic lost experience from divorce proceedings or child support is disheartening. The financial turmoil hits family members in such a way that one has to question was it WORTH it. These new accommodations revert back to numbers 1 and 2 about financial guidance and a two single home system.   Neither parent wants to take on this financial burden. Child support is often a financial pitfall that usually is taken on by the fathers in the relationship, causing rips not only with the relationship of the mother but also a financial toll and relationships on the father and children involved. We have to start understanding how every relationship is an investment, not just financially but emotionally, mentally and physically.

As stated previously, no relationship should be based on finances alone, or even be a truly deciding factor if people are willing to work harder to gain more. We all have to suffer financially at some point and that’s why it cannot be the total basis of any relationship. But there are benefits to wholesome families who see it to the end and are happy with their circumstances. We can become financially stable within families if it’s seen through until the end. Having families helps the black community financially in many ways with the money saved such as investment opportunities in businesses and stocks, starting college funds for children providing them more of an incentive to go, investing in leaders when racial crisis are happening while/when others are raising money against us etc., and that’s why it’s so important. We have to start building a community that is willing to help its own people, because right now nobody is doing the black community justice. But remember our families not only deserve this, but also require it.

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