Blacks and Pit Bulls: Similar View in Society


Mentally and physically conditioned to fight one another and in instances kill, a media imagery of being aggressive and dangerous, engagement with law enforcement sometimes leads to shooting and deaths, and negative propaganda forces those who aren’t familiar with them to fear them. Hard to determine whom I’m referring to: The outcast pit bulls or the oppressed African-Americans.

Attacks on African-American images are very similar to those of the American Pit bull Terrier. The difference however is the agenda behind the attacks. While the pit bull propaganda has surrounded around the use of these dogs in fighting sports, the same is not true in African-American attacks. The agenda surrounding African-Americans has many different goals, but one in particular is the irrational fear of the general public against black men and women in this country. While there are many versions of fear that propaganda is teaching society about blacks, i.e. the fear of successful black brothers and sisters or the fear of solidarity and unifying of black people, there is also one surrounding the irrational fear of dangerous black people in this country.

Fear of dangerous people is not a problem, it is actually commonsense, however it is the painting of black people and its community as the face of danger and violence, when this could not be further from the truth. In history there have been millions of slaves that were mentally and physically castrated, mutilated, abused, tortured and murdered. There have been thousands of lynchings of African-Americans in this country and countless other terroristic acts succumbed by African-Americans, so much so that I particularly find it surprising that there aren’t studies dedicated to the occurrence of PTSD in the black community due to the number of years of these engagements. Yet, African-Americans have been shown as the community to fear rather the ones who are fearful. So lets back track, the people who were tortured, beaten and killed throughout America’s history, are the people who Americans fear? To put it boldly, yes but it’s a little more complex than that, it’s “confusion of the real threat” at play.

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The current agenda against blacks and promoting society’s fear remains a catalyst for police harassment and violence, judicial system discrimination, and interracial community disengagement.   What ultimately has occurred is a successful attempt at manipulating the public into taking a negative expressed in a small percentage of a group and over producing this to the public as a commonality of the group. The public no longer sees the plights of African-Americans with sympathy but with disgust. Police harassments and judicial inequality has been granted a “thumbs-up” to protect the viewers of the agenda.  The profound reasoning for this is to bring about justification of the agenda previously mentioned in this article.

It is no figment of ones imagination that every advancement of blacks in America has never been met with acceptance; from the freeing of slaves to granting equality for all to even making attempts of mass-movements back to Africa. It is also no secret that measures to prevent positive examples have been used to control the viewing to society of African-Americans and even control how African-Americans view themselves. I can not definitively say how a pit bull views another pit bull, however I do know a conditioned pit bull will view an adjacent pit bull as a contender much like what has happened to black men and women in America when viewing each other. A once enlighten period of camaraderie found in the Civil Rights Era or the loving and strong Black Power Movement has shifted to a bravado of gangsters and a vanity seeking culture. Pumping out our chest with materials and who can live the roughest and speak the toughest, seeing each other as competition and psychologically and physically damaging each other has created the pit bull vs. pit bull instincts. With much thanks to the fear agenda (although other tactics are key components) we have lost view of competing with the dominant society for owning businesses and inventions. People who watch the dogfights see the danger of two dogs and begin feeding their mental perception; the people who watch the perception of blacks begin to feed theirs. The world will never admit that America has mistreated and manipulated their view of blacks just as people will never admit they have misrepresented pit bulls.   The hands at work are showing small scores of individuals who they want the world to fear, seeking justification for their own actions against this group of peopled deemed violent and finding approval for the mass torture and executions of our black ancestors and present-day black communities. Yes, small scores because it’s just that, you only see two dogs step into a ring at a time, you will never see the countless numbers of pit bulls who will never step foot into a dogfighting ring, or the amount of families who own this breed of dogs, nor will you see the countless of blacks in this country who aren’t associated with drugs or violence but will still succumb to the discriminatory behavior of society perception created biasly in efforts to not own up to their own actions. Confusion of who is the real threat is key. When the pit bull realizes he can attack his manipulator just as easy as his opponent, he can accomplish his freedom, just as black people can attack those agendas that helps fuel negative view of themselves, they will also achieve their freedom.

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