Black Lives Matter: Still Doesn’t Stop Our Injustices


We marched in great numbers, we chanted our thoughts, we tweeted our anger, we recorded the police habits, we petitioned our needs, and we spoke with fire. After all these actions taken we thought something was going to change. Except, in reality nothing has.

The DOJ report in Ferguson didn’t stop Martese Johnson from being beaten over nothing. Protest for the killing of Michael Brown didn’t stop an officer from shooting and killing 12-year-old Tamir Rice. The truth is our protesting hasn’t stop discrimination and injustices just as pulled-up pants, proper grammar and bow ties haven’t stopped white frat boys from singing “hanging n—-ers” songs. It’s a sad day for black people when you have to mention accolades such as honor student, leadership positions, never been in trouble with the law etc. when ever you mention the term black for people and the unlawful interactions performed by officers.

It hasn’t surprised me, the amount of police brutality on African-Americans being documented around the country during the social media age; history has shown this has always been the case before Twitter and Facebook. In fact the mere formation of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 70s was due to this characteristic of the law enforcement agency. Rather what has surprised me is that people are still surprised by these actions even though stats show police kill every 28 hours. How can we question that amount of killings in black neighborhoods but find that staggering amount of killings unalarming from those sworn to protect and serve the communities they are killing.

What has surprised me is that despite the constant showing of police brutality, the constant marching, the constant filming of cops engaging in unbecoming behavior, the agencies are still performing theses habits and duties unapologetically and with impunity. What it really shows is they absolutely don’t care how much you protest they will still handle the law as they see fit.

We march hoping to bring awareness to our turmoil. The reality of the entirety is that they knew about Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Tamir Rice, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Reniesha Mcbride, Jonathon Ferrell and many others who have died for nothing. The even deeper reality is they can’t relate. They can’t fathom their image being destroyed in media and entertainment as thugs, gangbanger, hoes and father-less even though that couldn’t be further from the truth. They can’t fathom history showing your ancestors as uncivilized savages. They can’t understand our cries for better influences and entertainment perpetuation, to reverse negative agendas. I really appreciate the multicultural efforts in protest, but the reality is only one group is being subjected to this type of attacks to fuel these injustices and that is my Black brothers and sisters.

How many must die before we realize society has always saw and have not cared. We shouldn’t need another martyr for America to want to do something since they ring the claim as “land of the free” and prides itself on equality. No we shouldn’t need another Emmett Till, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Dr. King murder if America is genuine in her promises to every one of its citizens.  Our very need to chant #BlackLivesMatter or create our separate economic sustainability confirms that harsh truth, America is not practicing what it preaches.

The sooner we realize there will be no true help in reference to the black community, the sooner we can collectively begin to work and wake ourselves up. The sooner we realize gaining our own freedom by our own means and not helping others gain theirs, the better we can become.

Our only way to true freedom is through our own economic and social prosperity. Our solidarity of our communities. The moment America realizes we don’t need America, America needs us; we will see change, remnants of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts.

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